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Miele Vacuum Bags in NYC

A single click at Basic Plus affirms that indeed it is a corner shop that sells everything. You will find items that you need for home use, kitchen, bathroom and hardware on this online store. Some of the best products that you will find in Basic Plus are Miele vacuum bags and they are priced at amazing prices.

At Miele, we offer services such as vacuum cleaning and vacuum repair in NYC. From the reviews from past clients, you can attest that we are not one of the best in the market, we are. We are not limited to services as we have a wide range of products such as Miele laundry detergents, Miele HEPA filters and Miele bags.

One of the reasons why people keep requesting for our services is because of the great customer services we offer. If you have a Miele vacuum that needs to be cleaned, contact us for vacuum cleaner services and you will be amazed with the results.

Another reason why Miele stands out as an authorized dealer is because of the quality of the vacuum bags that we offer. The bags come in different varieties and at great prices. Some of these vacuum bags we offer include:

Miele GN Dust bag

Even before you get to the features, you will love the blue color of this dust bag. It is specially made to sort out your vacuum usage problems. A box of Miele GN dust bag contains 4 bags, 1 motor protection filter and 1 super Air clean filter. The dust bags are rated as having the highest levels of dust filtration in the market. If you combine with Miele Air clean system, it can help remove more than 99% of dust particles.

GN dust bags have a 9-ply construction and features a self sealing spring that is loaded at the top to enable trapping the dust once the dust is removed. It fits all S2, S5 and S8 Miele vacuum series. To own a Miele GN dust bag, it will only cost you $18.99.

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Miele FJM Air Clean Vacuum Bags

At just $19.99, you will receive a vacuum bag that feature the highest level of dust filtration in the market. The bags have 3.9qt capacity, 9-ply construction and have spring loaded collars. Each box contains 4 bags, 1 motor protection filter and 1 super Air clean filter. They are red in color.

At Basics Plus, we regard you in high esteem and endeavor to provide not only quality services but also products. Visit our stores in Manhattan, NYC and let us provide you with award winning services.

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