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Tea Kettles and Tea presses & Infusers

Enjoying the timeless, soothing ritual of afternoon tea requires only a few components. Good tea, fresh water, and the perfect little teapot, press or infuser is definitely needed. Basics Plus offers an assortment of tea kettles, Tea presses & Infusers to help make your tea time the part of your day you look forward to with the most pleasure. Just add hot water.

The Tea Drinking Experience

What makes the custom of enjoying tea one that can be found dating back to ancient times across all cultures? The fact can be due in no small part to the means by which we make and drink tea. All of our senses are used in the process, beginning with the tea kettle and pot, which should be a thing of beauty even as it sits idle on the stove or kitchen shelf. We listen for the gurgle of the roiling water and the whistling sing of the steam; we feel the heft of the full Tea kettle lightening as we pour the water into a pot, the delicacy of the cup and saucer; finally, we relish the taste of the tea. Sure, you could boil water in a saucepan and dump it over a tea bag in a coffee mug, but to fully appreciate the experience of tea time it is essential to have the right equipment.

Kettles and Pots, Presses and Infusers

Tea kettles ranging in style from sleek electric models to colorful, traditional enamel versions perfect for every décor style can be found at Basics Plus. For a sophisticated choice, opt for brushed, polished and stainless chrome accented with black. The modern 12-cup glass model is essential for the contemporary kitchen. Tea time can be an intimate affair, calling for a two-person pot, or larger versions for those times when you want to brew tea for a group of friends. Stainless mesh strainers and chrome tea balls are essential for steeping a perfect pot. Can’t decide between Tea presses & Infusers to brew your perfect cup? Buy both and have a tea tasting to discover the subtleties of both tea press and infuser methods. Tea kettles may be functional while the pot used to serve is whimsical. Japanese style teapots with colorful finishes and unique, nubby textures are a beautiful addition to your kitchen décor when not in use.

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