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We've all heard that one of the quickest ways for the average American to shave his or her grocery budget is to give up soda.

After all, it's just water and empty calories. Maybe you've even tried to give up soda for this reason, but had trouble. Or maybe you're watching your waistline and want to reduce your calorie consumption. There's a reason soda is hard to give up-- it's delicious. However, with soda makers, such as Soda Stream, you can make your own soda for just a fraction of the cost and calories of name-brand soda at the grocery store. Don't pay a premium for the name brand and plastic bottle.

Soda makers are kitchen appliances that create soda by carbonating water and adding flavoring and sweetener.Soda Stream, one leading brand, has over 60 flavors to choose from, including classic cola, lemon-lime, root beer, and many original flavors as well. The soda is sweetened with a mixture of sugar and Splenda and has only 30 calories in one 8-ounce serving, compared to 100 calories in 8 ounces of Coca-Cola. Diet soda flavoring, sweetened only with Splenda, is available as well. Each bottle of flavor is good for 33 cans of soda, and each carbonating cartridge carbonates 60 liters. 12 ounces of SodaStream soda-- one can of store-bought soda-- costs about 25 cents to produce, so in time, a SodaStream machine is an investment that will pay for itself. Soda Stream is an eco-friendly option as well, as you refill soda bottles each time you make soda, rather than buying soda in bottles and later sending them to a landfill. The carbonating bottles, the containers in which SodaStream makes the soda, are resealable, so they prevent the soda from going flat and being wasted.

Basics Plus carries a variety of SodaStream soda makers, including starter kits and extra carbonating bottles, at competitive prices. If you don't want to quit drinking soda, SodaStream allows you to save money, reduce calorie and sugar intake, and do something good for the environment by keeping bottles out of landfills. We have everything you need to get started reaping the benefits of making your own soda.

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