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Soda Flavors

For anyone who's ever dreamed of making soda at home, but thought it would be too much work and too much mess.

The Soda Stream home soda making system takes all of the work out of making soda by using CO2 to add carbonation and brings you one step closer to enjoying a home-made soda. The sophisticated and elegant design of this product allows you to use regular water and add flavor to create a variety of sodas. Just slide the bottle in place and let the machine do all the work, you'll be enjoying a crisp refreshing soda or sparkling water in no time.

Aside from making fresh bubbly soda, another great thing about the Soda Stream is the variety of soda flavors available. The company does a great job at offering all the basic flavors such as Cola, Lemon and Lime, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Grape, Cherry Cola, Orange, Dr. Pete, and Fountain Mist, the Cola also comes in Diet, Zero, and Naturally Sweetened variations. Some of the more unique flavors that are offered include Tonic Water, Cream Soda, Orange-Mango, Cranberry-Raspberry, and Energy Drink. Almost all of the soda flavors mentioned are also available in Diet as well. Soda Stream also offers a variety of flavors to make your own sparkling water, such as Black Currant and Pear, Orange and Pineapple, Apple and Mango, as well as Green Tea and Green Tea with Mixed Berry.

The company offers a variety of starter models that will all have you on the path to enjoying that home-made fizzy goodness before you know it. The basic Fountain Jet Soda Maker is perfect for those who want simple and affordable, but those who desire high-tech and flashy may want to check out some of the more deluxe models. The Revolution Soda Maker features an LED display that indicates the carbonation status as well as the CO2 usage.

Don't keep throwing money away on store bought soda when you can easily be making your own soda right at home. The Soda Steam not only offers ease and variety, but it also allows control by letting the user choose between multiple levels of carbonation. To find out more about this and other amazing products be sure to check out the Basics Plus store. You'll be able to browse the entire collection of flavors and available accessories.

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