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Kitchen Appliances

Whether one is outfitting a new kitchen or gift shopping for another gourmet chef, Basics Plus carries a complete line of quality brand kitchen appliances and gadgets to fulfill every cooking and baking need.

From toasting to roasting, Basics Plus offers an extensive selection of kitchen scales, food processors, blenders, timers, thermometers, cookware and so much more.

When it comes to small kitchen appliances, every cook welcomes the helping hand of food processors for speedy chopping, slicing and grating. From shredding cheese to making creamy salad dressings and decadent dips, food processors are one of the most prized appliances of the kitchen. A blender is another appreciated tool for mixing and pureeing. Smoothies at sunrise, homemade soups of winter and frozen tropical cocktails in the summer keep kitchen blenders working hard the whole year through. Miniature food choppers and processors, handheld mixers and immersion blenders are especially handy for smaller projects or in kitchens with limited counter space.

For specialized appliances, consider a rice cooker to take over cooking the rice and beans, savory jambalaya or fluffy steamed jasmine rice. A fondue pot serves fun and comfort at intimate gatherings or a romantic fireside dinner for two. Sunday brunch is made more satisfying with the help of a juicer and waffle maker. Coffee aficionados will marvel at the selection of coffee makers, coffee bean grinders and espresso makers.

For toasting and indoor grilling needs, browse an assortment of toasters, indoor grills, toaster ovens, panini grills and sandwich presses. Toasters are available with wide slots to accommodate bagels and artisan breads. Grilled meats, fish and poultry can be enjoyed all year long with a countertop grill. Consider an all-in-one unit that griddles golden fluffy pancakes for breakfast, produces gooey and delicious paninis for lunch and grills dinnertime steaks to perfection.

Kitchen scales, timers and thermometers ensure accuracy and precision through every epicurean project. A kitchen scale takes the guesswork out of measuring bulk ingredients. An oven thermometer or an instant digital thermometer will promise fully cooked fowl and perfect roasts. To eliminate the burnt consequences of forgotten foods, timers are available in an array of decorative styles and space saving designs.

Basics Plus is ready to supply the kitchen appliances, cookware, tableware, gadgets and utensils that every cook needs for conjuring some culinary magic in the kitchen. From countertop to stovetop to tabletop, a well-outfitted kitchen always makes cooking fun from preparation through presentation.

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