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It is the small home styling touches that make your space uniquely yours. The details you choose in your home decorating reflect your taste and personality.

Basics Plus offers simple designs and classic décor pieces that will satisfy any decorating taste and remain as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.


One of the earliest functional pieces to take on the stylistic aspects of home décor is the clock. Tall, majestic grandfather versions, intricately carved cuckoos, and opulent carriage types have graced halls, kitchen walls and mantelpieces for generations. It is, even in the era of computers and cell phones for time-telling, essential and an easy way to combine style and necessity. Choose a compact, space-saving digital version for dorm room bookshelves and nightstands. The traditional favorite round analog is offered in a chrome finish to compliment modern home décor styles. Hang this sleek timepiece in a rustic kitchen or alongside antique photos for a pop of contemporary style. The classic bell alarm version gets a fun makeover with trendy neon colors. Though it is miniature in size, it is big on style.

Window Accents

Your window treatments take on different characteristics depending upon the hardware you choose. If you want to convey the feeling of comfortable chic that compliments any décor style, an easy way to do this is to choose cool white curtains paired with matte black or chrome rods. French-inspired home styling calls for patterns in buttery yellow, robin’s egg blue, and cranberry red. These choices are best accented with black or brass hardware. Want to get an expensive, custom look for any set of curtains instantly? Hang them with drapery clips.

Bullet Boards

Much more than just a place to stick grocery lists, bullet boards can and should serve as home styling focal points. Bullet boards are a must-have item for offices, kitchens and college dorm rooms, but they can be a great addition to any wall. Arrange kid art, black and white photos and favorite quotes together on a bullet board for a custom look. Use them in the bedroom for hanging earrings and necklaces, or by the back door for keeping keys, shopping bags and dog leashes.

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