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Electrical emergencies can have moderate or grave consequences. A sudden power cut in your home, a blown fuse or a damaged socket are all examples of electrical emergencies that apart from great inconveniences to the household, entail no grave consequences. Yet some electrical emergencies are responsible for residential fires, explosions, and dangerous electrical currents. Whatever the case may be, electrical emergencies demand immediate attention.

Basic Plus NY is pleased to recommend licensed Electrician New York to take care of electrical emergencies, big and small, to residents of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. Responding to emergency calls round the clock, NY electricians will attend to electrical faults quickly, effectively and at competitive rates.

Trained NY electricians offer 24/7 emergency electrical services, and handle faulty electrical appliances, dangerous currents, and blown fuses at all hours. Eliminating fast the electrical hazard and ensuring a safe living environment is top objective for New York Electrician.

Find us at

  • 86 Christopher St. (7th Ave.)
    Tel: 212-488-6590
  • 2315 Broadway (Between 84th & 83rd)
    Tel: 212-873-7837
  • 845 2nd Ave. (Corner of 45th St.)
    Tel: 212-682-6311
  • 121 University Pl. (Corner of 13th St.)
    Tel: 212-228-4950
  • 148 Church St. (Chambers St.)
    Tel: 212-791-6269
  • 194 3rd Ave. (18th St.)
    Tel: 212-432-2230
  • 1621 First Ave. (84th St.)
    Tel: 212-452-3178
  • 386 Canal Street (West Broadway)
    Tel: 212-219-7601
  • 671 Amsterdam Ave.
    Tel: 212-671-1270