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Coffee Makers

What precisely are coffee makers? Essentially, it is a cooking device, used for brewing coffee, which is a caffeinated beverage produced from seeds collected from coffee beans.

Coffee is a popular drink dating back over 600 years. Common preparations will roast the dried seeds, they are then ground up, and placed over a filter, through which hot water passes.

There are many varieties of coffee makers that exist, with different methods for extracting the caffeine from the coffee bean. A French Press, is one method, it uses a plunger to manually press the coffee and hot water mixture through a mesh. Another method, is a percolator. Boiling water in a metal container flows through a tube, into a basket containing the coffee grounds which drip back into the water. This repeats until the desired color of the coffee forms, indicated through a clear section on top of the container. Brewed coffee, is often consumed from coffee mugs, or coffee cups, but some prefer to chill the beverage over ice and drink from a glass. Some popular coffee accessories are sweeteners and creamers for altering the flavor. There are also coffee accessories that range from storage containers, coffee mugs, decorative spoons, and filters.

Nespresso, is a method originally used in Switzerland, by Nestle, since the late 1970's. The coffee grounds are within capsules for use in Nespresso machines. The capsules are for single serving and considered gourmet coffee. Single cup brewing allows for more consistency in coffee flavor quality.

There are four models to choose from: Latissima, Pixie, Citiz and Essenza. The difference between the models ranges from sizes of their water reservoirs, the speed the coffee brews at, whether only espresso and large cups (lungo) are an option for the model, and some store milk.

Keurig, is another single cup coffee brewer that uses K-cups as their coffee capsule name. K-Cups are not compatible with Nespresso machines.

Many health benefits could come from coffee consumption, although most research points to moderate consumption as mildly beneficial to adults who are in good health. Coffee contains antioxidants that some studies have shown can prevent cell damage and other studies show it can act as a natural antidepressant.

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